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Little black specks in Vitarroz Pasta De Guayaba from Brazil


In Vitarroz brand Pasta De Guayaba (a jelly-like guava paste) from Brazil with kashrut of B.K.A. (Harav Ilovitch) I regularly find little black specks in various shapes and sizes. Could this possibly be body parts of insects, or is it definitely part of the fruit like crushed seeds (or perhaps burnt sugar from production process). R’ Moshe Vaye is originally from Brazil and should probably know the answer to this question, but I do not know how to reach him. Thank you!


Unfortunately I don’t have any better access to R Vaye then anyone else. I could give you his phone number, it is 972-2-532-5588. You can try him bet. 4-5 pm EST or on Fridays from 7 am EST. You can also send him a fax at 972-2582-9089. As a side point, R’ Vaye writes in his sefer that Guava from Brazil is muchzak b’tolaim, however from the USA it is clean. This information is very old, as it is from a copy of his sefer that is 13 years old, so it isn’t quite updated, however this information might help.

Hatzlocho Rabba


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