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Uncovered hair



  1. Can a woman have her head uncovered while her husband studies torah?
  2. Is there a prohibition for a married woman to keep her head uncovered near a sefer torah or a seforim to study the torah?



  1. He may study Torah without speaking. However he cannot talking learning or study Torah verbally when he can see his wife’s uncovered hair. If she is behind him and he can’t see her it is permitted even to talk in learning. Additionally, when left with no other option, he may close his eyes or look in a different direction and talk in learning, as lo ng as he doesn’t see her.
  2. Although a woman should not be in front of seforim when she is uncovered, if however her hair is uncovered it is not prohibited for her to be in front of seforim. However in front of a finished sefer torah is improper, because we need to have more respect in front of a sefer torah.

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