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Learning during shacharis minyan, after I finished Vasikin alone


Dear kvod haRav,

I daven vasikin/netz at shul alone. Later the Minyan comes and davens shacharis. I stay, in order to partake in hazaras hashatz and borchu. When the minyan begins, I am already through with my davening. Am I allowed to engage in learning Torah, while the minyan is davening? If yes, when should I stop and engage with the minyan?

(I understand obligatory participation is with the chazaras hashatz, borchu, but not necessarily with the kaddishim?)

Thank you so much


You should act like part of the minyan for all the things that you were obligated to hear (kaddish kidusha chazoras hashatz etc.) but missed out because you daven b’yichidus. Therefore, you should listen and answer to all the kaddaishim, borchu, chazoras hashatz that was missed, kedusha and modim. Additionally, when the tzibbur gets to shema, you should close your eyes and say the first pasuk and boruch shem (and according to the gr”a the whole shema) along with them.



O:CH 69-1, 65-2, M:B 65-10, poskim.

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  1. Dear kvod haRav,

    I am so thankful for your swift and detailed answer.
    Have a wonderful week.


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