There is a person who wanted to daven for the amud (yartzeit or other chiyuv) and in the other shul it is quite possible that they won’t let him have the amud because the other shul is Sephardic (he is Ashkenaz). Do I still have the right to insist that we go across the street so that I will have tefilla b’tzibbur with 10?


This is a gray area question. On one hand you are not obligated to sacrifice your davening in order to do him the chesed, but on the other hand it is a chesed even though it will cost you davening wise. Technically he can get the amud over there, and he should daven with an Ashkenazi nusach. However if it wouldn’t work out, personally I would say to do the chesed if there isn’t any other way for him to daven for the amud.

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