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Using a tie of someone that is out of the techumn Shabbos


A bar mitzvah boy stained his tie on Shabbos. He goes home to change . He doesn’t own another 1. His brother is away learning in Lakewood. He knows his brother doesn’t mind, so he takes 1 from his brothers drawer. Is that allowed or do we say since the tie belongs to the older brother and he is in Shabbos so all of his belongs are considered to be in Lakewood and when I wear the tie I took it outside of the tichum on Shabbos


That is correct, it is not very convenient, but the bar mitzva boy should borrow someone else’s tie, (his father, a different brother or a neighbor’s) if there is no eruv there. This is because his older brother is outside of the techum Shabbos, and his items may not be moved from the house or eruv that they were in at the beginning of Shabbos. If he shares his brothers ties then it might be different.

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O:CH 397-8.

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