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Al hamichya vs Borei nefashos clarity:


For al hamichya – You gave a clear set of grains.

  1. Do these examples make sense to NOT recite al hamichya on: Apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, cherries etc… In contrast, to grab my Borei nefashos card for those pointers stated above?
  2. Also, what catagory would a cake fit in?
  3. Borei nefashos as you mentioned has to eaten with an amount of a minimal portion size. Like a half an egg. You gave an idea of a half an apple. For instance, what if you ate half an apple and recited Borei nefashos. After 20 – 30 min. max an hour you decided to eat the other half and finished it… you’ve to recite that paragraph once over again? Or is it like saying g-d’s name in vain because you said it (not long ago). Thank you.


  1. Very correct. All of the examples that you wrote are not from the seven species, therfore thier bracha achrona is borei nefashos.
  2. Cake on the other hand is made of the five grains, therefore if the eat more than half an eggs worth of cake, (not including the creme) you would say al hamichya.
  3. This is a very good question, and the answer is that it depends what your intention was when you stopped eating the apple. If you meant to continue eating it soon, then you should wait, until you finish the whole apple, and only say borei nefashos once. However if at the time that you stopped eating your intention was to stop eating, then you would say borei nefashos then and when you decide that you want to eat again yo’ll make a new borei pri haetz, and after eating it another borei nefashos.

I hope this clarifies things.

Best wishes

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