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fine for library books


When a person does not return books on time to the library, they give him a fine. If the fine reaches a significant amount of money, they will block him from checking out more books. However, if the fine is relatively small, they won’t do anything to him. Question: If my fine is small, in which case they are not makpid (they won’t block him from checking out books), am I actually obligated to pay the fine, and if so am I obligated to pay as soon as possible? Or could I not pay until they actually demand it from me?


You have to pay the fine, because you agreed to pay it when you took out the card, however you don’t have to pay it now, but only when they ask for the money. OP nthe other hand it would be a good idea to pay it now, before it looks very negligent, and becomes a chillul H-shem.

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