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Kashrut of tripe and kishke


My questions are based on Jewish Cosher laws.

1) The tripe of an ox or a sheep is commonly eaten by Tunisian Jews but Is it allowed to eat a tripe for a Jew ? Generally, Tunisian Jews favoured the heart and the tounge of a sheep.

2) Like the first, Some of the ashkenazim have a tradition of eating kishka קישקע which is in Yiddish meaning “intestine.” So, the intestine of an ox or a sheep’s intestine permitted for Jews to eat ?

3) In addition, I need a written resource for each answer.

A lot of thanks !!!


    1. I don’t know what tripe is, but in consultation with a kashrus professional, he said that the actual Tripe is the stomach lining. It is certainly kosher, as are the heart and tougue. Of course, any prohibited cheilev has to be removed from the outside of tripe if it has chelev attached to it. The heart needs a special type melicha because it has blood in its cavity, and the tongue also needs melicha. It also needs the removal of certain arteries near it before it can be eaten.
    2. Yes the intestine are permitted to eat, because the intestines to not contain any cheilev.
    3. Essentially, we can eat all parts of the cow, etc. except for a few parts that the Torah or the Rabbis prohibited. These are any cheilev, which is a certain kind of fat, which is found on the lining of the stomach, the kidneys, and in a few other places in the animal. We can’t eat the “gid hanasheh”, (the sciatic sinew) and a few other sinews in that area rabbinically prohibited. We also may not eat blood, therefore all meat has to be either salted or roasted in order to permit it to be eaten. The Ashkenazi minhag is not to eat the hind quarter, because it is difficult to get out all the prohibited sinews, however the Sefardim do eat cuts of meat from the hind quarter, if indeed the sinews were properly removed. Other than that I can’t quite you a specific source that talks about “Tripe” after the chelev was removed, or “kishka” and says that this cut of meat is permitted, the same way I can’t quote you a source that says that rib stakes are permitted to eat. However if you needs some sources for some of the things I already mentioned here they are  Y:D siman 64-8,9, 14, siman 65-1, siman 75-2.

    Best wishes

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  1. I just want to say thank you for this well written and sourced response. As an ashki, I found it SO interesting to know that Sephardim eat the back quarters because they remove the sinew!

    Thank you for the time, effort and knowledge you lend to answering people’s halachik questions and making it an online resource.

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