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Shema during day/nap to be said? Passed Chatzot Layla should Shema be recited?


Every person says bedtime shema before full night rest hours. Women say morning prayer with shema and women normally don’t say mincha (for it isn’t a must) yet some still do who have some spare time. I believe that shema is excluded from mincha (daytime prayer). 1. If a person fell asleep (daytime) like a nap does it mean that they must recite the bedtime prayer, which is at night hours ONLY? Secondly, can you please explain, if you’re allowed to still pray bedtime shema passed Chatzot Layla? And if you’re passed the night hour to pray then just to skip to recite the night prayer? For illustration, if Chatzot Layla is at 12:08 am and you are going to head off to sleep at 1:00 am then what should a person do in that case? Thank you.


Please allow me to correct one point before getting to your question. Women should daven in the morning and in the afternoon, (unless she is busy with her children and doesn’t have time). It is maariv that women don’t daven. Now let’s get to your questions.

  1. We only say the bedtime prayer, called kriyas shema al hamita (shema reading which is recited by one’s bed). Therefore, you are very correct, we do not say it when taking a nap, even a really good one, during the daytime.
  2. Yes, you should say the bedtime shema even if you go to bed after chatzos, however after alos hashachar, (daybreak) we don’t say hamapil.

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