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When does free will count by the torah?


G-d gives each and every single person the ability to have free will. The choice to choose btw right to wrong. When is a person held accountable for their actions by the torah? For instance, how is it that not by the torah but in general (different countries may vary) like in New York a persons free will is held accountable at a certain age: 18 and up. In other words, that’s when free will is fully developed. Is there an age or time period in where free will is held accountable by the torah & in the eyes of g-d? Thank you.


According to the torah, the time when a person becomes accountable for his actions is from bar/bat mitzva, which would be 12/13 years old. There is however an idea that for certain ideas, the bais din shel ma’ala (heavenly tribunal, for punishments such as kares) doesn’t hold one accountable until 20.

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