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Listening to lashon hara


If a person hears lashon hara while davening Shemoneh Esrei, may/ should he walk away from there so that he can’t hear?

If I hear lashon hara while getting a ride from someone, should I put my fingers in my ears or demand that he let me out?



It sounds like the actual talking of the other people doesn’t disturb you, but only he lashon hora part! Nevertheless, if someone is davening next to people that are talking, and the taking disturbs his concentration he is allowed to walk somewhere else in order to be able to concentrate better. It is not a hefsek, because he isn’t talking out, and it is in order to daven better. If you can put your fingers in your ears, and this will help you not get disturbed, then that it better… and hopefully it will give the people standing next to you, to stop the terrible Aveiro that they are doing by talking in shul.

If someone hears lashon hora yes, he can put his fingers in his ears to avoid hearing the forbidden lashon hora. In fact the gemora kesubos 5b says that this is one of the reasons why the tips of the fingers were created with such a shape. That of one hears something that he shouldn’t that he should be able to put his fingers inside his ears. I don’t think that you have to demand that he stop the car and that you get out, you should be able to do something a little more diplomatic than that.

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Tefillah Khilchoso 12-86.

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