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Okra for Pesach


some okra is marked kosher for pesach for legume eaters only. Okra is not a legume. Please enlighten me



Correct, okra is not listed among the items included in the ban of not eating kitnios on Pesach. The reason why they wrote it, most probably is because it is processed with citric acid or something else in it that may have kitnios. Or it may be processed, on the same machinery or production line as kitnois products.

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  1. I note that not all “citric acid” is considered “kitnios”.
    Citric acid from cane sugar can be kosher for Passover.
    Corn based citric acid is considered “kitniyos shenishtanah” (changed to a different entity during the process).
    Wheat based citric acid is possibly “chometz nuksheh”.

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