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Sefardi -Ashkenazi in other one’s shul for Parshas Zachor


Shalom Harav can a Sephardi fulfill his deorayta chiyv of Parasha Zachor in Ashkenazy shul /Baal koreh please? Ty.
Lechatchillah or bedieved?


A¬†Sefardi should hear the reading from a Sefardi and Ashkezani should hear Parshas Zachor with a sefer torah that is according to their minhag, and is read according to their havara (pronunciation). B’dieved though, even if it was heard with a different havara, or a sefer torah with a different type of letters one is yotza.


Halichos Shlomo (Purim) 18-1, Igeres hapurim 1 ftnt. 3 in the name of R’ N. Karelitz zt”l, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 695-10.

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