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Krias Shema Al HaMita & HaMapil


Shalom Rabbi,

How does one proceed with krias shema al hamita and hamapil at night when one knows that he may be getting up sometime in the middle of the night to assist his wife in caring for a baby?

Also does one repeat krias shema al hamita and hamapil again when he goes to bed for the second time that night after this?

Thank you,


When going to sleep at night, even though you know that you will be woken in the middle of your sleep, nevertheless we still say kriyas shema and hamapil. because we say hamapil even if we are only sleeping for part of the night. Additionally, when you wake up in middle of the night you don’t have to say kriyas shema or hamapil again, since we only say it for one sleep per night.

Best wishes


Ishei Yisroel 35-8 ftnt. 16,

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