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Must I “Refund” the Refund?


I purchased an item at an online shopping site. I was promised the item would arrive within 3 months – and if it did not arrive by the date set by the company, I had 2 weeks to request a refund. If I didn’t request the refund within that two-week period, I would lose that option. The item didn’t arrive. I requested the refund on time, and I got my money back. A month later, though, the package arrived and the product is in fine condition. So, my question is: Do I now have to pay for the product? Or am I off the hook, because I played by the company’s rules and they have probably already written off the loss as a business expense? If it matters, it is a small item, worth only about $10.


According to my understanding of your question, it took over four months for the item to arrive. Thus being the case, you may keep the item because you didn’t do anything to fool the company, and it arriving would be hashovas aveida, which een if it was Jewish company, it stands to reason that they were miyayish from it.

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