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Halachos of Purim Seudah


Thank you Rabbi for your kindness and help in answering Shailos.

I ask if I will be fulfilling the Mitzvah of the Purim seudah by having it in a kosher restaurant or will it be better to make the meal at home, and if so how should this be done? Does the meal have to be fleishig or can it be dairy? Also, should it contain bread at the meal and should there be music playing (from my computer. etc.)?
There is a kosher restaurant that will be having a special pre fix menu for Purim. I would be alone but I’m sure that there will be other Jews who will be there with their families. Will I be fulfilling the Mitzvah of the Festive Meal by eating in the restaurant on Purim? If not, I could make a meal at home and if so, how may I fulfill the Mitzvah properly. I thank you so much and always want to do right and fulfill all the Mitzvahs properly with love of HaShem.


You may eat the Purim Seuda in a restaurant if this will give you more simcha on Purim, especially if there are other people there and it will be more of a festive atmosphere. The meal though should be a meat meal (and preferably meat and not just chicken) and not just dairy. Having music is a definite plus, because it will add to your happiness, and will make the meal more festive.

Have a happy Purim and a great happy seuda!


Rambam Megillah 2-15, Leket Yosher pg. 157, Shulchan Aruch 697-7, MG”A 16, Pri Megadim E:A 697-16, M:B 697-24,  Divrei Yatziv 7-65(3), Chazon Ovadia (Purim) pg. 173, Rivivos Efrayim 1-350(1) though quotes R’ Moshe Feinstein Zt”l that on Purim one can be yotza with chicken.

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