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“Keep the change” when buying a product


Is there a ribbis problem if someone pays extra money for a product?

We are having a moving sale, and the amounts are agreed upon in shkalim. We are asking that if possible, the customers pay in dollars with a US bank transfer. If they pay more than the correct amount (because of the day that they look up the currency conversion) is that a ribbis problem?

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It is controversial if one may pay extra for a product when he is paying for it later than when it was received. The Rema and Shach Y:D 160-4, holds that it is permitted as long as the buyer doesn’t say that it is because he was given credit. Others (R’ A. Eiger, Bais Meir ibid, Chochmas Adom  131-6( , however hold that it is problematic.

A way to get around this issue, would be that when you make up that the item is not really sold, but remains the sellers until the time that he customer pays for it. Then he is paying for it at the time that he received it and there was no loan. Alternatively, the person should calculate how much the rate is, and give an exact amount. This is l’chatichila, however if the money was given this way, b’dieved one may follow the lenient opinion.

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Bris Yehudah 5-9, Halichos Ribbis pg. 87, Poskim

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