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Brachos when you hear the megilah again


If a woman decides to hear the megilah again due to a safek that one missed a few words due to noise (and one didn’t have a kosher megilah to read the words oneself). Do you have to repeat the brachos before and after or enough to just listen to the megilah again?


If she decided on her own to hear the megillah again, it is possible that she doesn’t have to, and she does not say the bracha again. As a side point, it is important to know that even if you don’t have a kosher megillah, but only a chumash or some other printed megillah, you can say up to half of it reading from it. You have to howver say from the word that was missed until you catch up to the person reading the megillah, so that you can hear all the words consecutively.

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O:CH 690-3, M:B 690-8,9.

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