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My apartment was painted by goyim. I had there meat in an opened package and wine that was not mevushal. The goyim did not know my schedule and I could have theoretically come in at any time, but I ended up not coming there until after they left. Also, they could have stopped me from coming in by saying that the paint is wet or that by coming in I am shterring them (as they were painting the door).

What should I do with the meat and wine? What about other foods that I had?


You may eat and drink both the meat and the wine. There is only an issue of stam yanom if the gentile actually touched the wine, but not if he only looked at it. Regarding the meat, since you could have come in at any time it is not considered basar shenisalem min h’ayin, and permitted.

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Y:D 118-10, Chelkas Binyomin 118-102, Y:D 123-1. See Darcei Teshuva regarding anshe maaseh not using the wine even a gentile saw it, however this is not the halacha but something that some pious people do. Additionally, here the wine was in a bottle, see Dovev Maisharim 1, Divrei Shalom 4-32.

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