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Halachic procedure for a tenant that is not paying rent


Hello, I manage property for the general secular market. Presently I am being offered to rent in frum areas where the halachos as far as being able to evict a tenant are different.

Can you please advise on the general process and powers of a landlord in a case where a frum tenant is not paying rent? What recourse does a landlord have and how do they coerce the tenant to pay what is owed.


If a tenant doesn’t pay you, you are allowed to evict him. This is done by going to Bais Din, and the Bais Din will send him a summons. If he doesn’t listen to the summons, they will give you permission to go to the secular court system, and they can give an eviction order. Asfar as getting your money, there are a number of options that you can try, but they aren’t guaranteed. You can charge them a fine for paying late. This might work, but only if you have the backing of some governing power that can help you enforce this. In Israel, if a tenant gives a check which is denied, the money can be collected thru the “hotza’ah l’poal”, the government collection agency. Often they are successful in getting back the money. You can take someone to co-sign the contract, and if that person is honest, it might also help.

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