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Adding water to a Cpap machine on Shabbos


My CPAP machine shuts off on Shabbos and Yom Tov when I add water am I allowed to halachically. Turn it on again or Do I need to find a goy?


Turning on the machine yourself essentially is problematic, and if it would be permitted would depend on the severity of your case etc. therefore it is definitely preferred to get a goy.

There are recommendations to try and avoid this issue entirely. This is something that I saw on this topic “If you require high CPAP pressures and run out of water too early, consider lowering the heat setting. Ask your CPAP supplier about availability of chambers which offer a larger water capacity. When we turn the heat setting too high, it can cause excess condensation in the tubing that can drip back in to our masks.”

However there is another option if the above options don’t work for you. You most probably know when you will have to fill up the machine. Set a shabbos clock to turn the machine off for that half hour, and while the machine is off, ad the water, and after the half hour is up, the shabbos clock will turn the machine on again. try it beofre shabbos to see if this idea work.

Refuah shleima


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