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Rental Contract


I wire my monthly rent to the my landlord as stated in our contract. He notified me that every time he receives a wire transfer his bank charges him 100 shekel. I told him that the way most people from overseas pay their landlords is either by wiring it to them or the owner picks up the money. He told me that he would like the money directly into his account as stated in the contract (see attached) and that if i wire it I should add the transfer fee. He said that I should go to his bank and deposit the money every month. My contract doesn’t say how the money needs to go to his account all it says is that it should go there by the 5th of the month. Am I obligated to pay for the extra fee? The apartment is located in the Ramat Eshkol section of Yerushaliem. I am an american and do not ahve an isreali bank account. I can wait on the line in his bank for 30-45 minutes and have the money deposited into his account that way. However, if i can send the money form an american account, it is a lot easier for me as it saves a lot of time and aggravation. Nothing about the sending of the money was discussed other than that which is written in the contract.


The halacha is that since it isn’t discussed in the contract you should do what is customary-so ask people. I don’t think you have to wait for a teller-you can give someone cash for a shekel check and deposit straight to his account in an envelope-or ask a friend to make a transfer from a shekel account-then he won’t need to pay a fee.


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