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Birchas Hachoesh when davening alone


If not davening with a minyan, due to corona virus restrictions.
1. Do we say Birchas Hachodesh

2. And how do we compensate for a Torah reading


  1. The custom is that we do say birkas hachodesh even when we are not davening with a minyan, the same way women say it every month at home without a minyan.
  2. If we can make it up and hear it in the after noon at mincha, that should be done. If that can’t be done and it is a question of hearing it the next week. Essentially we should preferably hear the parshios that we missed later on (Yom Tov Sheini Khilchoso 9-14). Regarding if it is an obligation depends on the circumstances of your shul and area. If the whole shul or only part of the shul didn’t hear Kriyas Hatorah > I hope to be able to answer you more fully next week.
  3. Have a healthy, safe Shabbos


1. Hilchos Chag B’chag (Rosh Chodesh) pg. 23.


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