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Ribbis issue?


I went shopping for a friend. I paid for her things with my credit card. I accidentally had one of my own items on the receipt as well. So when she paid me back the total for herself and for my one item. It was 5 dollars. She said the item is on her and it’s my “delivery fee”.

Is this a problem and should I make sure to return the money? Thank you


If this is the usual for a delivery fee then it is not considered ribbis since she stated clearly that it was not for the loan of the money, but for the extra work that you did for her. It would seem that 5 dollars for doing her order and bringing to her is a fare amount therefore it is permitted. If however the amount would be in excess of what is normal to pay for a delivery fee, then it would be evident that it isn’t just for the service, and it would be a problem, however in you case it seems alright.

Best wishes


Bris Yehuda 9-9, Bris PInchos 1-9.

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