Does one have to tovel his keilim in the current pandemic seeming as other people might have been their and left behind the virus particle?


The mitzva of tevilas keilim has to be done even in this situation. It is doubtful that there are germs inside the mikva water. In any case the utensils that are toveled, additionally the utensils should be washed before using them.with soap and hot water. Additionally, on the chance that there might be bacteria in the mikva water, you can tovel the utensils with

Have a healthy chag kasher vsameach, you and your whole family

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4 Responses to “Tevillas Keilim in Current Pandemic”

  1. What if there is no mikvah in the area? Normally Jewish stores will dip the kitchenware for you. But not with the current situation.

    • There is another option, to sell or gift the utensil to a gentile, for the mean time, and then to buy it back from him for a cheap price. this way it is not owned by a Jew, and you will tovel it then, when things will IY”H get better. It is true this is not too convenient, but for right now may this be the worst of our difficulties, and in the zechus of doing H-shem’s mitzvos correctly may He help you that you and your family should stay safe, and pass this difficult period safely.

  2. Hi,

    Where I am there are large puddles left over from the rain – muddy water with some building debris.
    Can one toivel in a puddle in such circumstances?.

    • You mean a kli or a person?

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