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Yichud if the door to landlords apartment is open and he is designated as a shomer


Hello Rabbi,

I have a question about yichud. I live in apartment that is connected through a locked door to my landlord’s house. A girl that I am seeing is having an issue; since her college closed due to coronavirus, she does not have a suitable place to study for her hard classes. I asked my landlord if I could keep the door open and designate him as a shomer who could come in at any time and he said he would do it. Would this be ok?


If he will indeed come inside from time to time, then it would not be yichud, however it is not a good idea, because such a situation can lead to not good things. Additionally, she should not stay in your apartment overnight, or late at night when the landlord might be sleeping.

Best wishes


Although this situation seems that the two people are “libo gas bo”, nevertheless if the landlord will indeed come in from time to time, it would not be considered a secluded place. However this would only help at a time when it is reasonable that he would indeed come in to check on them, however late at night, and when he might be sleeping this will not work. See Dvar Hayichud Chap. 11 pg. 82

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