Hi, I have been told that blackberries cannot be eaten because they are very difficult to check for bugs. I have heard the same about raspberries, but that it is permitted if you make it into puree, does this also apply to blackberries?


That is correct. If the way you want to eat the blackberries is pureed, and this is you intention, and not that your intention is do get rid of the bug problem, then it is permitted. It should be noted that the CRC says not to buy fresh raspberries, but only frozen ones.


Y:D 98-5

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5 Responses to “Kashrut – blackberries”

  1. Thanks, does puree include smoothies?

    • If the way you make your smoothies is by pureeing.

      • Do you mean it must be put through a sieve/cloth first?

        • no

          • Okay, thanks

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