What is the halacha regarding someone whose life is at risk because they didn’t follow protocol to prevent infection form covid 19? Is there a halachic obligation to save them?

If there are limited resources, do they get lower priority according to halacha than someone who caught it despite doing their best to follow government regulations?
Thanks very much


Yes we still have an obligation to save them. The reason why people are not following protocol is because they don’t realize the severity of the situation, in part because it is unknown, it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen to them, and because they are not familiar enough with the dangers. (This is unfortunately our sad state when it comes to some of the aveiros that we do. We don’t see the damage it does in heaven, or the damage it does to our neshoma, therefore we do it anyways, even though it not according to protocol. Nevertheless we are commanded to try and save someone from doing an aveiro even though he may know that it is forbidden.)

Regarding your second question, it sounds like it is of a serious nature, therefore I cannot comment on it without first knowing all of it’s details.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy Pesach

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