If I will be away from my home for all of Pesach, I understand that leasing the entire home exempts me from bedikas chametz. Assuming that I have understood correctly, can I also do this through your services? If so, please advise how I can. Thank you

I understand that you can sell chametz through Harav Yosef Fleischman, but I don’t know if you offer the service to lease the house.


The leasing of the place that the chometz is found, is an integral part of the selling of the chometz, because we are not to have the chometz of a gentile in our possession. Therefore all sales include renting the place of the chometz to the gentile.   You should remember though, that you have to do a bedikas chometz in the place that you will be staying for Pesach, because we all have an obligation to search and get rid of chometz. The link to sell chometz thru our site is

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