Hi when am I actually mekabel Shabbos? What I am wondering is are you able to say L’cha Dodi before lighting candles?
Thank you so much


For women, kabolas Shabbos is when she makes the bracha when she lights her candles. Otherwise it is when the person says “boei kallah” or “mizmor shir”. Therefore, since a man (and anyone else) are mekabel Shabbos then, he may not light do any melacha afterwards, therefore he should not say L’cha dodi before light candles.


M:B 261-31

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  1. But regarding the woman herself, can she say lecha dodi, and then light candles

    • It isn’t that men and women have two different types of kabolas Shabbos, rather kabolas Shabbos is when the person says boei kallah or mizmor shir. Additionally women are mekabel even without that, when they light

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