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I was until recently involved in a youth minyan in my area, I helped to organize the kiddush , I was chazzan many times , and I leined the parsha very often , especially the long aliyot

The minyan is structured in a way that after a certain amount of years you leave the minyan and rejoin the main shul

This is what my friends have done , however the minyan is struggling to find people to lein each week especially with the four parshiot at the moment ,

I was looking forward to not having to work hard on Shabbat and go to the main shul which has a baal Koreh and tefillah, but they keep on asking me to lein

Can I refuse to lein? Are they just relying on me to make it easier for them to organize the minyan ?


You are not obligated to lein for them, but on the other hand, a person that works for the tzibbur, has the zechus of the tzibbur helping them, as the mishna in Pirkei Avos 2-2 says  that those who work for the tzibbur merit a special siyata dishmaya. Besides there is a special mishberach and tefilloh that the whole Klal Yisroel says for those are osek btzarchei tzibbur b’emuna, and one of them is that H-shem should remove from them all sicknesses, something which we desperately need nowadays.


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2 Responses to “Refusing to Lein in a youth minyan”

  1. Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, on people that go to minyan still and ignore medical guidance not to:

    A person who claims that he has emunah in Hashem and he will not to be ill, and therefore disparages medical guidelines (social distance and leaving home unnecessarily and so on) can he be defined as a “rodef” that might put other people at risk?

    “He is considered a rodef.“

    • Correct, but the person asking the question was not referring to a inyan right now, but under normal circumstances. If he was referring to our present situation he should not help such a minyan at all!

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