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Seder plate Tevila


Thanks for your wonderful website!!

I bought a nickel plated seder plate. Does it need tevila??


Assuming that it is a metal plate that is nickel plated, essentially it would need tevila with a bracha. If it is really plastic, with a metal coating then it would need tevila but without a bracha.  This is all on the condition that the foods are placed directly on to it, however if you put the foods inside a different glass bowl on top of the seder plate, and the seder plate doesn’t come in contact with the food, then it would not need tevila, the same way a serving tray doesn’t need tevila because it is doesn’t come in direct contact with the food. A paper disposable cup cake holders, or napkin under the food, would not be considered as if the food is put into a separate vessel, for this.

Best wishes for a healthy chag kasher vsameach


Y:D 120-1, Minchas Shlomo 2-66-5, Chut Shani pg. 24, Mishmeres Habayis.3-18.

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