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Davening Shacharit – starting after the Shema should have been recited


If you get up in the morning too late to say the Shema at the time which you are supposed to say it can you still daven the Shacharit morning prayers? If you can, how is this done, do you read the entire prayers as always or are you supposed to leave something out. For example, let’s say you can’t start Shacharit prayers until 45 minutes after Shema should have been recited.


That is very sad, because when a person misses kiryas shema, it is something that they can never make it up, as  the Talmud ( Shabbos 32b) says that missing saying Kriyas Shema is an irreparable mistake because this day will never come back.

Regarding your question, even if you didn’t say kriyas shema at the correct time, you still have to daven because the time to say kriyas shema is until the end f the third hour of the day and the end of davening is at the end of the fourth hour. Even if you missed that, although it is b’dieved, however one may still daven until chatzos (midday). If someone only has a small amount of time until the end of zman tefillah (the end of the forth hour). He should skip parts of the davening in order to daven on time. He should only say Boruch Sheamar ashrei and yishtabach, ( and nishmas on Shabbos) birkas kriyas shema etc. See this link

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