1. How should one arrange getting a haircut erev Pesach? Should one avoid doing so?
  2. May one, in need, get a haircut on Chol Hamoed or during sefira if it becomes safe to do so, if not able to get a haircut erev Pesach due to quarantine or concern for safety and closure of barbershops?
  3. May one invite someone for the seder or Yom Tov meals if the guest does not have any symptoms and would have nowhere else to go, due to everyone else’s reluctance to invite people during this time?
  4. May one trust in the merit of the mitzvah to protect him?


1. You don’t have to get your haircut specifically on Erev Pesach, if you can get it beforehand, in a safe way,do that. Otherwise, maybe a roommate can give you a haircut. Times are difficult and we have to first and foremost be careful to act safely, pikuach nefesh is more important than a haircut etc.

2. As things look now, it doesn’t look like things are going to change in your area before Pesach is over. If it does we’ll deal with it then.

3. This is something you have to ask your local doctor, if it is not safe then you shouldn’t.

4. A person can trust that a mitzva will save him only when it is not called “shechicha hezeika” the danger is common.

Best wishes for a healthy Pesach



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