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Snayim Mikra l’chatchila


Hi, if want to finish shnayim mikra by Tuesday like that shitah in the mshn”b and am makpid on doing all the rashis but I know that I will only be able to finish by Tuesday if I only do onkelos what should I do? I’m other words, what has kedima to finish by Tuesday or do all the rashis. Kol Tuv.


If you want to be fulfill the obligation of shnayim mikra l’chatchila, make sure to finish it before the daytime meal on Shabbos, if you didn’t finish before mincha, if not before shabbos is over, and b’dieved until the end of Tuesday. According to the Shulchan Aruch you are mekayem shanayim mikra by only doing onkelos, therefore you should do with the onkelos before Tuesday, and you can finish up the Rashi’s afterwards.

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O:CH 265-2, M:B- 265-11,

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