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Shnayim mikrah at night


I know that if one does not finish shnayim mikrah vi’echad targum on shabbos, the next best time to finish it is before Tuesday night. There is also a din that mikrah shouldn’t be recited at night. What if it is already Sunday night or Monday night and one anticipates that he won’t have time to complete shnayim mikrah during the daytime on Monday or Tuesday. Would there be an exception that in this case shnayim mikrah may be recited at night?


Yes in such a case you can say it at night. The Mishna Berura holds that not learning Torah sheb’ksav at night is not assur, but only l’chatchila, but since you now don’t have much of a choice it would be permitted. Alternatively, if you will learn Rashi while being maavir sedra then it would be even l’chatchila, because then it isn’t considered as  as torah shb’ksav.


Shar Hatzion 238-1, Maharsham 1-158, Vdorashto V’chokarto 4-68.

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