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Euthanasia for a dog


My dog is 12 years old. He has developed a cancerous growth in its leg and it is affecting his ability to walk and run freely. The wound is open and the dog underwent a surgery last year to repair it which has seemed to work for several months. The wound however is now open and infected. The vet has suggested the option of amputating the leg to extend the dogs life but there is a likelihood the cancer would recur again in the future. The other option is to put the dog down and avoid it the trauma of amputation and a compromised quality of life. This is the preferred option but I would like to know if I am halachically permitted to making the decision to euthenase the dog.


It is permitted. The reason is because it is only prohibited to pan an animal, however killing it, especially in your instance, where it is really a kindness to the dog, it is permitted.

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