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Sale of chometz online and effective time


As we have a lot of actual chometz for our catering business, I would like to ensure that our mechira is done in the best way possible, and so am considering your online service.

As there are some local options where due to the lockdown certain leniencies are being used, it would be helpful to know the procedure to be used so that I can understand if it is a better option to use your online service.
Practically there is also a question of what time the sale will be effective, so that I do not do bittul before and also ensure that all chometz is packed in designated storage in time. Also the time it will be redeemed needs to be known..
I hope this is not disrespectful in any way, but I am really fearful of finding that we transgressed owning chometz ch’v’s this Pesach.


We are not planning any leniencies. You should sell sell you chametz by 10:30 Yerushalayim time and will buy it back B”H for Bnei Chutz la’aretz on Friday morning, as they wait for the end of the 8th day in the U.S.

Chag Kasher V’sameach


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  1. Please can you be more specific as to the 10.30 Yerushalyim time? AM/PM day….

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