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Bitul Chametz


I just read (on Pesach) that each person in the home should recite their own Bitul Chametz, something i did not know prior to Pesach. I did bedikat Chametz with my husband, and was yotzei his Bracha, as well as his Bitul, and he had me in mind when he recited his Bitul at night and during the day.
We also sold our Chametz through our rabbi (in my husbands name, but covering everything in our home, etc)
Is this sufficient to cover any Chametz that may have been in my possession? If not, is there anything that needs to be done at this point?


It is referred that everyone say thier own bitul, however essentially the wife’s possessions belong to the husband so if you didn’t do it it is still fine.

A gut moed



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