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clarification of previous question


BH Thank you so much.
Regarding the question of food delivery on Yom Tov ( I apologize I wasn’t more organized in my previous question), the food being delivered is not chametz, it is just being accepted via delivery on Yom Tov (the delivery was coordinated before Yom Tov ) because that is when the weekly delivery is (Thursday). So if there is fresh fruit, kosher for passover food etc delivered on Yom Tov, is there any prohibition to eat it that Yom Tov? Thank you so much.


There are two issues here, the first, that since the weekly packages were ordered to come on Thursday, it is as if you told them to deliver it on Yom Tov, therefore you should call them and tell them that for this week you want it delivered on Friday. This way you didn’t tell them to do it on Yom Tov.  The second issue is regarding eating the food. If the package was brought to you from outside of the tecum Shabbos, i.e. from a different city, then you would have to wait until after Yom Tov is finished. If you let them know that you don’t want it on Yom Tov then you can use the food right after Yom Tov. However, you wouldn’t have called you would have to wait after Yom Tov plus b’kdai shya’asu, the the amount that it would take to get the package to you, (which nowadays that there is overnight shipping until the next morning) in order to eat it.

Have a good Yom Tov



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