1. Can I kosher metal utensils by placing them on the stove range and turning up the fire until they get red hot? The range will not get red hot ever. Also it is impossible to get the entire utensil red hot at once you usually get one side and the other that come in contact with the fire since it is circular.
  2. The last point is a separate question, can I buy new utensils and kasher them instead of tovling them? Or do you need to do both?


1. Yes you can burn out any non kosher taste from a utensil instead of purging the non kosher taste with water, in fact it is a more through form of kashering because it doesn’t merely separate and take out the non kosher taste, it burn and totally eradicates it. Additionally the utensil can be “kashered section by section.

2. Toveling and kashering are two seperate obligations, kashering is removing the negative non kosher taste from the utensil, and toveling is similar to when a ger goes to the mikva before becoming a Jew, (similar to the food we eat, which goes on our table which is compared to a mizbeach, so to certain vessels need to undergo a purification process) it is a different type of process, therefore it can not be substituted. On the other hand not all new utensils have to be kashered, and even the ones that do have oils smeared on them it is controversial if the necessitates kashering.


Taz Y:D 120-1, :Shulchan Aruch O:CH 451-3, Y:D 121-2.

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