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Meaty wooden spatula used in non stick milky frying pan


I used a meaty wooden spatula in a non stick milky frying pan. At the time no actual dairy or onions were being cooked in the frying pan. Can either of these items continue to be used?


Were any of them used within the last 24 hrs. for how dairy of meat prior to when then touched? if not then both are still kosher. If not let me know what happened, because then we say that utensil that was used will impart it’s taste on the other one and make it treif, therefore I would have to kow the specifics of what happened.

Gut Yom Tov



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  1. Hi

    Thanks for replying so quickly. The milky frying pan had not been used in the last 24hrs. The meaty spatula had been used for chicken (with matzo meal) in a meaty frying pan last night.

    As the spatula was used last night, does that mean that the spatula and milky pan are now treif?

    Thanks again Gut Yom Tov

    1. No, only the frying pan, the spatula is still kosher.

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