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I ate kitniyos


There is a bachur who brought meat to my house on pesach and after eating a little I looked at the package and discovered to my horror that it contains rice. What should I do? He did not look carefully. was I yotzi eating meat through eating it? Am I going to get punished and do we say since I made a mistake it’s ones?


Hopefully it didn’t contain any chometz inside it.

It is hard to determine if it is a shogeg or ones. Regardless though, you would want to do teshuva for what you did, and you surely have charata, therefore you just have to do viduy and express what happened to H-shem. You should also make sure that you are more careful with what you what on Pesach  and make some sort of kabala that will insure that this mistake doesn’t repeat itself.

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  1. A. The Nesivos says one doesn’t need kappara for doing an issur d’rabbonon b’shogeg.
    Eating rice is even less than a d’rabbonon because it has no mekor in Shas.

    2. It was kosher, just for Sephardim. No chametz.

    3. Eid echod ne’emon b’issurim. I was allowed to believe the bachur, no?

    1. 1. Is this the opinion of other poskim too?
      2. Are you sefardi or were you breaking your minhag?
      3. Did he tell you that it was kosher without kitnois?

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