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Passing tuma from not washing negel vasser


I would like to know:

If someone doesn’t wash negel Vaser and touches someone does he become tuma?

If so what does a person do when working with non religious people? And are you allowed to give a non religious person to make a brocho if they didn’t wash negel Vaser?
Thank you


1. We should be careful not to touch food before washing negel vasser in the morning, however b’dieved if one did touch the food, it is not forbidden to eat.  It is however preferable to either wash off the food three times, or to peel it.

Regarding food that was made by a non religious person who didn’t wash his hands, for this we rely on the fact that they most probably did wash their hands in some way since the morning, There is a preference though, that someone who has a non religious Jew helping him prepare food etc. to ask them in a smart not insulting way to wash their hands properly. Additionally, we can also rely on the basic halacha that it is permitted to eat

We don’t have to be concerned when giving food to a non religious person, because we can rely that the person did wash his hands at some point before eating the food.


1. O:CH 4-5, M:B 4-14, Halichos Shlomo (Tefillah) 20 ftnt. 25, Shevet Hakehosi 1-3.



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