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Koshering Blender for Pesach


Hi I have a plastic ninja blender that I use to make cold smoothies and i grind chick peas to make hummus… I thoroughly clean it after each use with soap and water, then blend soap in it to ensure it is perfectly clean. Is it a problem if I use it to make a smoothie now, because I didn’t kasher it before the chag… and if so, can I immerse it in hot water now and then use it to make a smoothie…?


Although Pesach has already finished you would want to know the answer for next year.

The rule is that a utensil that was only used for kitnois, may be used for Pesach after 24 hours. Therefore if you cleaned the blender well, it can be used. As a side point in general we don’t like using regular utensils for Pesach because it comes in contact with chometz, however technically it is permitted if it is indeed clean, and it wasn’t used for anything chometzdik during the year. Kashering it during Pesach doesn’t really help us for anything.

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