My family has inherited a number of pieces of china and other ceramic dishes, plates, and glasses inherited from a beloved relative who unfortunately did not keep kosher. We have had these items in storage for many years and would like to not have to sell/throw the items away, as they have immense sentimental value to our family. I learned that in such cases, there is a koshering process that could be done with these types of items, but have not been able to discover exactly what this process is. What would be the process to make these items kosher? Thank you very much.


Since it is very valuable to you, you can do the following process. Make sure that the vessels were not used in a full year, which they weren’t, and then make sure that each one of the vessels is totally clean of any dirt or residue. Then kasher the porcelain there times. Meaning that each  dish should be inserted into a pot of boiling water, wait a few seconds for the water to return to a boil, then remove, then place it into cold water. Afterwards repeat this process   another two times, and then you can use them.

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Igros Moshe Y:D 2-46, Avnei Yoshpe 1-149, Ohel Yackov 451-9. See Shevet Halevi 6-56-2 who disagrees with this.

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