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Fence around slanted roof used regularly


Would one need to make a fence around a slanted roof if they walk on it regularly? I know most rabbanim say that a slanted roof does not need a fence since one usually only goes on the roof occasionally for repairs. A member of my family has recently been going out the bedroom window most mornings to daven or say tehillim on the roof. The roof is slanted but one is able to sit comfortably and stand on it, especially in the center where two directions meet. In this situation would a fence be required? If a fence is needed would one be able to say a bracha? Thank you so much.


Since it is indeed used regularly, a fence would have to be erected, and it can also be done with a bracha. The source for not putting up a fence on a slanted roof comes from the Rashba (Shut) 2-42, who says that since it isn’t used regularly, but only very seldomly, when repairs have to be done, there no fence has to be put up since it isn’t used. However it is understood that if it is indeed used that it would need a fence.

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