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Am I able to perform hatarat nidarim online to annul a stringency I took upon myself?


I would like to annul the stringency of only keeping chalav yisrael dairy products as it has become increasingly difficult to do in my current situation. Am I able to do this through a video call of 3 men (including myself) or by having 2 men (one who could read Hebrew and one that cant) plus me (I can read Hebrew) in my home say the prayer to annul a vow? If so, what do I say? (I am Sephardi)


You can do hataras nedarim through a video call, however one of the people that are being natir your neder should be  Rov, or someone else that understands the halachos of hataras nedarim. I would advise you to call one of the local rabbonim in your area to arrange this. If you need help let me know.

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Shevet Hakehosi 4 239, Kol Nidrei chapter 39 ftnt. 7.

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