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Tachanun in outdoor minyan (nusach Ashkenaz)


We have a sefer Torah but it’s kept indoors and not visible until brought outside. On Mon/Thur do we not do nefilas apayim or should we bring out the sefer Torah either before davening (it will be laid on a table and covered with a talis) or after chazaras hashatz, at which time someone could sit with it, enabling us to do nefilas apayim?

On other days and at mincha do we also not sit/lean against a wall for tachanun?


On the days and the tefillos that there will be kriyas hatorah, the sefer Torah can be brought beforehand in order to do nefilas apayim (covering our face). This is because the sefer torah is going to be moved regardless, and this way it is just being moved earlier.

On the other days, since you can not see the sefer torah or the Aron Hakodesh, tachanun is said sitting, but without nefilas apayim.


O:CH 131-2, M:B 131-10,11.

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