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Halachoh of Hagasah( mixing)


1. may one remove soup from a pot that is on an electric hot plate on shabbos. 2. does the brand israheat have the kulos of a blech?


The reason why we don’t remove food from a pot while it is on the fire, is because it is similar to stirring which advances the cooking process. Chazal said that while the pot is on the fire we may not remove food from it, even if the food is fully cooked because it is easy to mix up fully cooked food with food that isn’t fully cooked. Therefore we only remove food from a pot when it is off the fire. An electric hot plate or any other heat source that heats the food up would be considered a fire for this. Therefore although An Israheat hotplate, is helpful for the halachos of shehiya, and chazara, it will not help us regarding to hagasa. Therefore the soup should be removed from the hotplate before taking out the soup.

Have a good Shabbos


M:B 318-118, Igros Moshe O:CH 4-74 Bishul 8,9.

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  1. The title should read:
    Halachoh of Hagasah (mixing)

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